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It's been a while since we have released a serious update, We have been working on a few scripts for a new type of events that was never experienced in CO.

Please leave your feedback or whatever you would like to see in ImmortalsCo in a comment, Your opinion will always be considered.

Expect an enormous update soon!

Servers are online, For more information about what was done within this maintenance, Please check the following link:

Immortals Co staff,

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Happy Ramadan with ImmortalsCo!

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Get 30% Extra Funds #Bitcoin until 30th of May!
For more information check the following link:

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There is an electrical incident affecting the network part. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and rest assured that our data center's technicians are working to correct the situation as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience,

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Celebrate the Easter day with ImmortalsCo!

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Our servers were experiencing some technical difficulties, Therefore we had a 3-hours rollback.
However, Servers are now online, and we have made a compensation for everyone.

ImmortalsCo staff,

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Servers are now online.

For more information regarding what was done within this maintenance, please check the following link:

ImmortalsCo staff,

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Some minor fixes were applied within this maintenance.
For more information please check the following link:

Servers will be up in a few minutes, you can track our servers status via

ImmortalsCo staff,

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Servers are now Online.
We have had some improvements were applied within this maintenance, For more information please check the following link:

We do apologize for those who haven't heard back from the support department via the email, We are facing major volume of support cases, doing the best we could to serve everyone. We are only asking and appreciating your patience.

Thank you for understanding,
ImmortalsCo Staff,

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Support Page is now live!

Immortals Co published a note.

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07/23/2017 09:25:52 pm

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