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The Ban Appeal event has been ended by now.

For those who have been unbanned through this event, We hope you guys respect the game rules this time, Because We will not tolerate any rules breaker and remember this event is not annually scheduled or any.

For more information regarding our updates/new releases please check the following link:

DO Not hesitate to report bugs through the following links:
- Discord, which is embedded on our website.
- E-mail address:
- Support center:

ImmortalsCO staff wishes you all the best <3

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As a part of our Christmas Festive Favors, We have decided to make a BanAppeal event.

Read the linked article for more information:

ImmortalsCO staff wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year for everyone <3

Immortals Co is with Nulsiya Hussin Hahmin and 2 others.

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Santa Clause has finally arrived to ImmortalsCO's Twin City!
He's looking for those whom gonna help, Hurry up and catch his various gifts being given away!

Happy Christmas ImmortalsCO players! ❤

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Christmas isn't just about candy canes or the lights are all glowing, it's also about the ImmortalsCO's 14 days of festive favors that players are waiting for!

Read the linked article for more information regarding our Christmas Events!

Merry Christmas everyone <3

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Y'all have been waiting for the #BlackFriday Events, November never forgets that day!
Enjoy the Biggest sale happening in ImmortalsCO!

An update was released during this maintenance for more information read the following link:

Enjoy gaming!
Immortals CO Staff.
Do NOT hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience to

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We have just made a quick maintenance in order to fix the reported glitches/bugs, We apologize for any inconvenience.

Enjoy gaming!
Thank you <3

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In celebration of Halloween, We have decided to release some events.
Read the linked article for more information!

ImmortalsCO Staff,
Do NOT hesitate to report any bug/glitch you experience to

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Dear players, We have updated our game rules due to some new cases that were not even exist. So we were forced to update and modify some rules to be as clear as possible.

Please read the game rules updates to avoid troubles playing.

Thank you,
ImmortalsCO Staff,

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Quick updates regarding the current issues that were reported recently.

* The download links were updated according to the new Google chrome restrictions on downloads, So you can download the client now through our website using Google Chrome Browser again.

* Some players might be facing an issue while trying to restore their account's password through the website, I can assure you this is not related to our servers at all, Microsoft emails servers are currently having some issues and they are fixing it.

Do NOT hesitate to contact us regarding any inquiries/reports!
ImmortalsCO Staff

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